Status update, Aug first

· team pico

A new month with active development

Hey everyone!

I wanted to send out a quick status update to let people know what we are working on.

We started this month off with a big refactor. This update is mostly code organization related. Previously, all of our services (lists, prose, and pastes) were separate repos. This worked well in the beginning because we didn't know what our services were going to look like and how different they'd end up being from each other.

Well, it turns out the three services we have deployed so far are very similar to each other.

Since we had three examples, we executed the Rule of Three principle:

Rule of three is a code refactoring rule of thumb to decide when a replicated
piece of code should be replaced by a new procedure. It states that the code
can be copied once, but that when the same code is used three times, it should
be extracted into a new procedure. The rule was introduced by Martin Fowler in
Refactoring and attributed to Don Roberts.

This provided us with the insight to know what aspects of our code can be abstracted and which one cannot.

We decided at the end of the day that a monorepo would suit us best. So we spent the better part of last week combining all of our services in to one repo, which can be found here.

Moving to a monorepo allowed us to remove a lot of duplicated code which should improve our velocity and hopefully when we make a change to one service, the other services will enjoy the same updates.

It was a pretty satisfying feeling to remove a lot of code from our repo.

We also spent a good chunk of our effort refactoring our infrastructure to make syncronizing deployments easier.

From merging all of our databases into one, to merging all of our code into one, this is being done in preparation to build more services.

We have a lot of ideas for services we want to build, and we keep thinking of more.

The next step for team pico is to prioritize the services we want to build and then execute as quickly as possible. In essence, we are in discovery mode.

We want to hear from you, so let us know what services or features you think we should work on next.

That's it for now, thanks!

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