Same public key, multiple accounts

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We are deprecating duplicate public keys in pico
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We are deprecating the ability to have the same public key used for multiple pico accounts.

If you currently have the same public key for multiple accounts, we highly recommend de-duplicating them

why? #

This feature has caused users issues in the past. For example, it is very easy to accidentally login with the wrong user even though you specified the user when connecting to us -- because we might disregard the username.

Further, we are planning a bunch of new features that require us to use the username field when connecting to us for advanced features. So, in order for us to make these new features work properly, users cannot have the same public key for multiple accounts.

what should I do? #

First, you will still be able to use duplicated pubkeys, just like you previously were able to do. We are not killing that logic at this point in time. So user operations will continue to function normally. The only code change we made was to prevent future duplicate public keys from being added.

Again, if you don't remove duplicate keys, future features will be unavailable to you.

If you are using the same public key for multiple accounts, create a separate key for those accounts and then delete the public key on those accounts.

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