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What does charging for services look like for us?

# Mission statement

We want to build tools and services that are useful for software development. We want to empower individual contributors to rapidly prototype and boost productivity.

# Design goals

# What it is not

# Services

# static site hosting

An easy to use static site hosting platform. Publish your sites as easy as copying files to our SSH app.


# distrobox as a service

Create a development container in the cloud. Use familiar linux distros. Remote into your dev container from any client.


# docker compose as a service

If all you need is a place to host your simple services, use docker compose. This service is not designed to scale, rather, a quick place to get services up and running with minimal effort. This service is also great for rapidly prototyping and getting a product or service out-the-door quickly.


# tunnels as a service

Need to access localhost from https? Not only that, but we also use tunnels to allow you to connect to all your other containers.


# Pricing

We would like to keep pricing as simple as possible to reduce overhead. The current idea is we only offer a yearly subscription service. Ideally we would be able to charge somewhere around $20/yr, but that might change depending on how much compute we offer users. I think we could implement a tier pricing model but that is kind of a pain. It would be better if there was just one single plan that works for most users.


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