RFC A link aggregator service

· team pico


We want to create a link aggregator service that can only be accessible via SSH. Think hacker news but authentication and authorization happens via SSH.

The trick is making it usable.

Here's how we imagine it could work:

We would also create an SSH app to allow the user to easily submit links without having to setup an SSH tunnel

1ssh links.sh post https://bower.sh/front-end-complexity

How does this differentiate from existing link aggregators? Well, this will not be widely accessible because users need to understand how to use SSH. This will add a barrier for mobile users to access this website. In fact, we will not build a mobile friendly version of the website at all.

Our hypothesis is that mobile access to a link aggregator degrades discussion.

This will be an exclusive service for hackers: a clubhouse for us to relish in our own intrigue. Steeped in our exclusive discussion. What makes us excited about this idea is having a passwordless user experience, all relying on the familiar public-key cryptography. Even further this has really interesting implications: We don't need cookies or Authorization headers for authentication. No passwords, no cookies, no http headers, only a lone SSH command.

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