Radical experimentation

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No code is sacred

We want to create and maintain services that we love to use. We also want to embody a mindset where we rapidly iterate on new ideas and kill ones that are not serving us.

If you didn't already read, we decided to shutdown lists.sh. This is the first service that we shared with the world and is also the first service we are shutting down. Pruning is a critical part of radical experimentation. We cannot allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch. We could have easily continued to maintain lists for eternity, but that doesn't serve our mission. It's a weak will to ignore what is plainly obvious: no code is sacred at pico.sh.

We recently adopted a new tagline: hacker labs. When I think about what that means I think about radical experimentation. This necessitates that we create and more importantly, destroy ideas as quickly as possible. When we see something that isn't working, we need to prune it. Hacker labs requires us to think about new ideas from first principles, to fundamentally challenge the status quo, and to be a beacon for like-minded individuals to rally around. Hacker labs is our stake in the ground: come join us.

Our primary directive is to build tools and services that we love to use.

With deep introspection, a curiosity for new ideas, radical experimentation, and a passion for code, we are building something greater than what is available today.

We are just getting started.

Join our irc #pico.sh on libera or email us at hello@pico.sh.

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