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Premium pico services


After a year+ of work we have finally reached a point where we feel comfortable offering a set of premium paid services, enter:


The premium services we offer are going to continue to evolve over time, but for right now there are (3):

A lot of work has gone into these services, but they are far from perfect.

Done is better than perfect

We cannot guarentee 100% service reliability or that it will work exactly as you expect it to. However, we can gaurentee that we will do our best to ensure availability. Further, we only support services that we use ourselves.

why? #

These are services we want to use. We think they offer fantastic DX and we use them everyday. What better way to maintain these services than to let other hackers use them? Further, these services are not free to support, and the more users we have, the most expensive they will be to maintain.

We have also received feeback from users that they want a way to "support" pico.sh development. We could have offered a way for users to donate, but we felt like offering concrete services was a better incentive structure for all parties involved.

hacker labs #

Lab is where we will showcase experimental ideas, projects, and oss libs.

As a result of our premium services, we wanted to also make some of the underlying tech more accessible for public use.

In particular, we want to callout two recent additions:

We think these two libraries are actually pretty exciting and they have been sitting right in front of us, waiting to be discovered. Try them out, let us know what you think.

Join our irc #pico.sh on libera or email us at hello@pico.sh.

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