Outage 2024-05-27

· team pico

tuns, bouncer, feeds, and docker registry outage post-mortem

Hey all,

We had a recent service outage and figured we should write a post-mortem of what happened and how we are going to prevent it from happening again.

On 2024-05-27 at 12:19 PM EST we became aware that our bouncer went offline. We quickly started investigating the cause and came up with a plan to get our services back online. Upon initial investigation our VM was unresposive and our immediate remediation was to force reboot it. This resolved the outage and got our services back online.

The following services were impacted:

Outage duration:

Once services were back online we started investigating the root cause. After looking at our resource monitoring and logs we discovered an underlying issue with tuns (our instance of sish).

# Root Cause

The root cause was our VM ran out of memory, here's the summary:

# Prevention

sish has a setting --service-console-max-content-length that let's us decide when to show the request/response payload to a user (reading it into memory). We are setting this to something within the confines of our VM's memory limits. We then stress tested this change to confirm it will prevent the root cause from happening again.

# Monitoring

We have an IRC channel (#pico.sh-ops) to receive alerts from our monitoring systems. We use prometheus for all of our services and we did receive alerts about the service outage. Unfortunately for us, we did not get pinged on our phones because we were no longer connected to IRC (through our bouncer).

We already have a bot that connects to our bouncer in order to send us emails for important messages, so we are going to extend this bot to send email alerts when it cannot connect successfully to our bouncer.

# Conclusion

We take service availability and uptime seriously and thank everyone for their patience.

Join our irc #pico.sh on libera or email us at hello@pico.sh.

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