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We are merging and
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# Summary

# Rationale

As we are getting closer to general availability with -- our static site hosting service -- we see having a separate-but-very-similar service like as a distraction and confusing to users. So we are merging imgs into You were always able to upload images directly using prose, but now instead of returning the URL, we return a prose one. We also plan on immediately removing all web views that existed on We may add a way on prose to see all your blog images since I do think that view is useful, but that's it.

So users of prose can continue to host their blog images on prose and all images that were hosted on will be available on prose. We will have a grace period where we will still serve hotlinks from but we will completely shut down on 2024-07-20.

As part of this merger we bring to both prose and pgs the ability to manipulate their images on-the-fly. Image resizing is still supported thanks to imgproxy and we might open up more of the image proxy features in the future.

We hope this isn't much of an inconvenience to pico users and are happy to chat about it.

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