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Hey everyone! Team pico is excited to announce the general availability of our image hosting service,

We have been working on imgs for a few months now, figuring out the best way to handle uploading images from our blogs while at the same time being its own separate service. We've been using it for our own personal blogs with great success so we're excited to release it for public use.

If you already have a pico account, then you already have access to imgs.

Features #

You also don't need to use our other pico services to be able to use imgs. Just scp or rsync like you normally would but to

scp profile.jpg

How does it work? #

When a user uploads an image, we immediately convert it to webp. Then we have an API that serves those web optimized images. We also allow for minimal image manipulate -- like resizing images.

[!profile](/profile/x500)     # auto scale width
[!profile](/profile/500x500)  # scale width and height
[!profile](/profile/500x)     # auto scale height

Also be sure to read our help page for more info

We'd love to get feedback on the service so please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Join our irc on libera or email us at

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