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we're merging our services' databases
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Greetings travelers!

We wanted to give everyone a quick update on what's cooking at team pico.

We had some interesting discussions in irc about some new services that we are building. Out of those conversations we decided it would be best for us to restructure our services. In particular, we decided to merge all services' databases into a single pico database.

The three services are:

Currently each service gets their own postgres database. There has been zero drift between the table schemas and it will enable us to build a more cohesive ecosystem. One big benefit is we will have a single users table so picking a username only needs to happen once.

# Downside

The biggest downside to this change is that we have to resolve any username collisions between the three services. We decided the best course of action with a multi-phased approach:

Out of the 1200+ users, the end result is 32 conflicts we couldn't resolve.

Sometime today we plan on performing the migration and for most of the users, they shouldn't notice a difference at all. For the 32 of you that have a name collision: if you want to log into your lists account and it doesn't work, try adding tmp to the end of it. At that point you are free to change your name or keep it.

We apologize for this inconvenience and would love to read your thoughts about the migration. Feel free to join on libera or email us at

# Wrap up

Like I mentioned above, we've got a bunch of services planned and we're very excited to see what gets everyone excited!

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